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Ideas to Throw a Wonderful Thai Dinner Party

A Thai dinner party is sure to be a gastronomic delight. The ambience should be appealing while avoiding clichés – in the recipes, in the menu, in the decoration, or even in the conversation. Are you planning to throw a Thai dinner party for your close friends in the future? Don’t stress; the following ideas will provide you with great help for the menu selection and décor:

A Thai Dinner Party ought to be captivating with mouth-watering dishes and the venue based on a Thai theme so your guests can have a complete feel of the cuisine and culture. For the décor, beautify the venue by using decorations based on Thai tradition. You can go for a more formal get-together or could even take on a luau style of Thai theme for more authenticity. Add fresh flowers and candle lights to give the atmosphere a true tropical tone.

Thai Food Decoration

The Key Components…

For a rocking bash, add unique and popular Thai dishes in your menu, but don’t forget the choices of invitees. Think out of the box and be careful in the selection. Do not experiment with new dishes as they might spoil the mood of guests. You can go online and select the food items that not only look pleasing, but also offer you the finest fusion of sweet, sour and spicy flavors.

How to Plan the Menu…

It is vital to plan your Thai menu to make sure that every element is complementing each other impeccably. This will help you to plan your menu better and in less time. Along with this, add dishes that can seamlessly blend with the taste, choices and health restrictions of your guests.

Dishes You Can Add in your Thai Party…

Soups are mandatory. Yes, some people love to relish soups, but some have them due to their health issues. Thus, keep in mind both these reasons. You can add curry soups, coconut soups and soups based on lemongrass as these are tasty as well as nutritious. After this, you can serve appetizers to guests, together with a string of skewers or wontons.

Shrimp Red Curry

For the main course; seafood, beef, chicken and other meats can be served to guests with rice or Thai noodles like a pad Thai. Roasted dishes and meat with curry can be served on separate salvers so people can enjoy them easily and take as per their desire. Desserts and frozen drinks are something you should never forget. You can serve ice creams of different flavors and even create a new flavor for your guests.

Thai Beer

Traditional Thai beer, iced tea and classical drinks like mojitos are also worth considering.

Thai Cocktail

With Thai menu planning, the sky is the limit as you have plenty of dishes, desserts and drinks to choose from…all you need is creativity to make the Thai dinner party a memorable one.