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Thai Drinks – To Beat the Heat

Among the exotic Thai meals, the refreshing drinks in serene Thailand are undoubtedly flamboyant and mouth-watering.

Thailand is known for its hot and humid weather, thus Thai people satiate their thirst with iced beverages mainly. Tasty Thai drinks are available in bright colors, flavors and taste amazing.

Here we’ve prepared a list of top Thai summer drinks that you must try once during your trip to Thailand. Let’s sip them!

Thai Tea

Cha Yen or Thai tea attracts a lot of taste buds when we talk about top Thai beverages. The perfectly blended orange color of this refreshing tea has pulled many eyes and the impeccable punch of sweetness has got many people hooked. Prepared hot or cold, Thai tea can be enjoyed in different ways.


Thai Tea, Thai Beverages, Thai Drink, Thai Popular Drink

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In traditional way, the tea is prepared with coconut milk, sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk. Tamarind, star anise, cinnamon and other spices are also used for rich taste.


Thai Lime Tea

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Lime Tea or Chao Manao is quite popular amidst fitness freaks. It is brewed like Cha Yen, but served with fresh lime juice. If you are a hardcore tea lover, you must try these flavorful teas that will compel you to sip more, more and more!

Thai Coffee

Café Boran, the exotic Thai coffee can quickly tempt even the picky people. Rich, strong and sweet, these three words describes the beauty of this aromatic beverage of Thailand.


Thai Coffee

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This beverage is prepared in many ways. The traditional coffee is prepared with sweetened milk and rich cream and coffee beans, which are grinded in a cloth like filter. Another variety of coffee is blended with cardamom and coriander powder, which makes this drink superbly tasty.

Oliang is another type, which is available easily. Usually it consists of coffee, corn, tamarind, and sesame seed and served frozen or hot.

Thai Beers


Thai Beer, Thai Beverages, Thai Drink, Thai Popular Drink

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Thai people who love alcoholic drinks beat the scorching heat with chilled beer. Beer lovers can satisfy their taste buds with refreshing Singha and Chang beer. Singha beer is a blend of a tangy fruits and touch of sweetness while Chang is popular amid booze lovers due to its cheap rates. In a nutshell, both the beers are tempting enough and complete a lavish Thai meal.

Thai Cocktails


Thai Cocktail, Thai Beverages, Thai Drink, Thai Popular Drink

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Cocktails can’t be shunned from this list. Thailand’s boozers are just mad about Thai cocktails. Due to this craze, mixing specialists in the country tries their level best to prepare lip-smacking and bold drinks for alcohol lovers. Some attention-grabbing cocktails of Thailand are Orchard, Tom Yum Siam, Siam Mary, Passion Fruit Caipiroska, Lancastria, and the list is endless.

Thai Red Bull


Thai Red Bull, Thai Beverages, Thai Drink, Thai Popular Drink

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The list of popular Thai drinks is incomplete without energizing Red Bull. Krating Deang or Thai Red Bull has given good inspiration to western Red Bull. Sweet in nature and uncarbonated, just a mug of this beverage invigorates you during your visit to humid Thailand.

Coconut Water

Nothing can beat the freshness endowed to us by Mother Nature. A healthy drink, coconut water is full of essential nutrients and hydrates body quickly. In Thailand, the coconut water is usually served chilled, but the upper layer of the coconut is removed before serving.


Thai Coconut Water

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These tantalizing Thai drinks are served fresh with yummy Thai food to complement and balance the different flavors. In plain words, the right mix of these beverages and food make your gastronomic experience more rich and tempting.