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9 Thai Finger Foods That’re Lusciously Finger Licking

Are you a true food lover or planning to arrange a party food as a treat? Whatever the occasion is, if yummy and luscious food is what drives you crazy then it’s a time to look at these 9 amazingly scrumptious Thai foods. Go through the glimpse of the same and add them to your menu list.

Thai Finger Foods List

1. Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

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Chicken Satay is a grilled and marinated chicken on a skewer which is served with amazingly delicious peanut sauce dip. This is a must have food for every non-vegetarian lover. Apart from the chickenSatay may also consists of mutton, beef, fish and other sorts of meats.

2. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

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This is something better and most delighting for the veg lovers. The vegetable spring rolls come wrapped in fried thin pastry and are served with the sweet chilli dip. The cooking methods for spring roll may differ depending on the region’s culture.

3. Crispy Thai Ribs

Thai Ribs

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These are believed to be the best Thai food ever. Crispy Thai Rips could be found in every Good Thai Restaurant. They are not just about the coat, but are fully flavoured with a super sensational taste in its every bite.

4. Pla Rad Prik

pla rad prik

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If you are someone who is mad over fish, then this crispy fried fish with rich chili sauce deserve all applauds. You just need a few ingredients to cook it. It is best cooked with cod, catfish, trout, salmon.

5. Thai Peanut Dip

Peanut Sauce

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Unlike the other sauces that are cooked with the peanut butter, Thai Peanut Dip starts with the real peanuts that make it extraordinary. Besides, it’s super easy to cook. From making a yummy cold salad to dip it in veggies to a sauce for beef or chicken Satay it’s used for the variety of purposes.

6. Thot Man Khao Phot

Thot Man Khao Phot

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Thot Man Khao Phot is the fried corn cakes cooked with the garlic and pepper. Apart from this, egg, flour is also used to cook it. So if you are an eggetarian, this may work wonderfully to satisfy your taste buds.

7. Gung Sarong


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Gung Sarong is pleasantly and freshly cooked prawns in thin filo and wrapped in pastry. They are served to the guests with the scrumptious chilli dipping sauce and could also be used as an appetiser or as the finger food party menu. Or maybe it can also top on the list for some true prawn lovers.

8. Thai Fish Cakes

Thai Fish Cake

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Thai Fish cakes work as the most appetizing snacks dipped in either with a cucumber relish, sweet chili sauce or sriracha. The dish is cooked with the ground fish by spicing it up with the fresh kaffir lime leaf along with the red curry paste and then nicely fried.

9. Thai Mussels

Thai Mussels

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Thai Mussels could easily and quickly be cooked within no time. So if you are planning to cook the food for your treat at home then this may come indeed very handy. Within few minutes, mussels will be opened, just add them to the Thai curry sauce and it will be prepared within 20 minutes.

So next time when you have the party at home for any special occasion, add these Thai Finger Foods to your menu list.