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Reasons to Try Thai Cuisine

It seems that the entire world is falling for Thai fare. Currently, Thai cooking is one of the most popular as it is unique in taste, healthy and has been influenced by cuisines of Asian cultures like China. The flavour of Thai food is very distinct and can be instantly recognized. If you’re planning to enjoy a lavish meal with your family, why not try a delicious Thai eatery? Here are some tempting reasons to try a Thai feast tonight!

Thai Food

Blended flavours

Thai food is the perfect blend of four tantalizing tastes; bitter, salty, sweet and sour. You can relish all these in most Thai dishes. Try curries, salads, noodles, rice platters and spring rolls, you will surely be tempted for more and more. If you fancy something sour, choose dishes packed with ginger, a punch of chilli pepper or a dash of tangy lime.

Chicken Green Curry

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Foodies with a sweet tooth can satiate their taste buds with brown rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar syrup. Try chunks of bitter melon or dark green veggies mixed with soup for a sharp pungent flavour. If you are new to Thai food, eat at a Thai restaurant so that you know exactly what authentic Thai should look and taste like.


Thai cuisine offers you a long list of healthy alternatives. If you’re conscious about your health, try a Thai salad platter, which is a combination of green veggies and assorted healthy dressings. If you’re in the mood to munch something sweeter, opt for salad made with fruits like papaya and mango. The shredded fruits are garnished with sour lime and spicy chilli.

Thai food

Who doesn’t like soups? Healthy enough, right? Thai soups are a mix of savoury and sweet ingredients, such as galangal root, lemongrass and coconut milk. These healthy ingredients make soups too fibrous to sip. Be conscious of soups with a rich quantity of coconut milk as a cup serving has 40 grams of fat. If you’re on a low-calorie diet, the best option is clear soups, which are tasty and healthy as well.

Health Benefits

The great news for fitness freaks! Do you know that Thai food is recognized as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world? Most Thai dishes are prepared with health-bestowing ingredients like coconut milk, lemongrass, turmeric, chilli, galangal, pandan leaves and much more. The method through which Thai dishes are cooked also preserves the maximum nutrition of ingredients used.


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Herbs like lemongrass reduces stomach cramps and headaches, whereas a balanced amount of coconut milk is good for your heart and fights against bad cholesterol. Galangal is known to reduce gastro-intestinal problems like acidity and bloating.


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Last but not least; Pandan leaves are packed with alkaloids, antioxidants and tannins. These provide great strength to the immune system and relieves health problems like chest discomfort, ear infection, colds & coughs.