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Thai Salads

Best Thai Salads Ever That Have Completely Redefined The Term ‘Salad’

Do you know, what is Salad? Of course, everyone knows, there’s nothing fancy about it. For many individuals, the idea of salad is quite common and simple. And it always revolves around fruits and veggies.

But once you will start exploring these 7 Thai salads, you will be shocked because these 7 best Thai salads have completed redefined the term ‘Salad’.

As they come up with a few exceptions and a lot of different and unique preparation methods with the immense uses of ingredients.

1. Yum Ruam Mit Talay ย้ารวมมิตรทะเล


Mixed Seafood salad with tomato, Thai celery, spring onion and lime chilli dressing

2. Yum WoonSen Goong  ย้าวุ้นเส้นกุ้ง


Spicy Glass noodle salad with fresh Prawn, minced Chicken, peanuts and lime chilli dressing

3. Som Tum Goong Sod  ส้มต้ากุ้งสด


Thai green Papaya salad with Prawn, green beans, carrots, chilli, garlic, peanuts and lime dressing

4. Yum Tua Phu  ย้าถั่วพู


Wing bean salad with Prawn, Chicken, Thai chilli paste and cashew nuts

5. Goong Yang Yum Ma Muang  กุ้งย่างย้ามะม่วง


Grilled Prawn salad with green Mango, coriander leaves and Thai dressing

6. Plha Nuea Ma Khuea Pho พล่าเนื้อมะเขือเปาะ


Grilled Beef salad with Thai eggplant, lemongrass, onion and Thai

7. Lab Ped Yang ลาบเป็ดย่าง


Roasted Duck salad with rice crispy, Thai herbs, fried onion, mint leaves and lime

8. Pla Samun Prai  ปลาสมุนไพร


Fried Fish salad with lemongrass, ginger, onion and Thai chilli paste dressing

9. Mango Tossed Green Salad with Basil Dressing

Mango Tossed Green Salad with Basil Dressing is a fat-free salad which is completely delicious. The texture is very flavorful and light which is nearly equal to any available meal. While you have this salad, you don’t have to worry about the ripeness of mango anywhere from semi-ripe to fully ripe.

10. Thai Grapefruit Salad

Another delight for vegetarians, apart from grapefruits, this scrumptious Thai Salad also includes the shrimp plush fresh summer herbs and vegetables. This is famous among all Thai Salads. It gives you a perfect alternative as to your amazing lunch, side salad or even the beautiful starter as well. On a warm summer day, you will find this really awesome.

11. Yam tua poo (winged bean salad)

Yam Tua Poo or Winged Bean salad is the only Thai Salad which is not made in a lime juice, sugar or fish sauce. Instead, the beans are cooked and diced with the shrimp combined in a creamy peanut sauce. Additionally, to make it more protein rich, and well rounded, small slices of boiled egg are also added.

12. Yam pla duk foo (catfish salad)

This uses a fried catfish which is almost like a pillow of crispy catfish essence. The crunchy fluffis are better combined with a spicy blend of red onions, garlic swimming in a lime juice, green mango, and peanut along with a fish sauce.

13. Papaya Salad with Prawns & Garden Greens

If you are tired of having same boring salads every day then try this amazing fresh papaya salad combined with prawns and garden greens. It works as a complete meal for avid appetizers. It’s a low fat and energy builder palate. Scrumptiously prepared for health freaks

14. Yam takrai (lemongrass salad)

Though lemon grass is generally boiled to extract its aromatic flavors and smells but it is also an amazing ingredient to eat as it is.
The starchy herb of lemon is slicked in extremely thin size to make it easily chewable which releases wonderfully lemon-fresh flavor. Lemongrass salad is generally accompanied with toasted cashew nuts and shrimp.

15. Som tam ponlamai (fruit salad)

When it comes to make unique salads, Thais do have mastery in this. They amazingly mix the sweet and savory. And this fruit salad is the most wonderful example of their creativity.

Chopped fruit, salt and spice is surely a remarkable combination of a tasty and healthy fruit salad. This combines the fruits like- chunks of apple, rose apple, guava, pineapple, and apple, smothered in chilies and fish sauce.

Have a happy delight!