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The Popularity of Thai Snacks

The sweet and savory snacks of Thailand continue to impress everybody. With the popularity of Thai food at an all time high, health-conscious people look up to Thai snacks which is increasing in global demand. Thai snacks have unusual and interesting ingredients, yet they are delicious and favoured by most people.

Khao Niaw Mamuang: This mango and sweet sticky rice is a famous Thai snack during spring and summer. Cooked in coconut milk it is made by adding a pinch of salt and sweetened with mango slices on top of each serving.

eat tasty thai snacks

Khanom: These pastry snacks come in many forms and flavors. They are bite-sized and have ingredients including  rice flour, coconut milk, egg yolks, sugar and peanuts.

khanom thai dessert

Salad: Thai green mango salad tops the chart of all salads. Waterfall beef salad,
cucumber salad, classic Thai chicken salad, Thai green papaya salad and pad Thai noodle salad are also favourites.

thai crispy fried anchovies

Tossed fresh Mango Basil Dressing: This light and tasty salad is made of cooked shrimp, tofu and chicken. Peanuts or cashews complete the flavour.

Mamuang Namjim: This Thai fruit dip is green mango cut in pieces with spicy flavours of chili, salt and sugar. You can also dip other fruits like pineapple and grapefruit.

Tapioca Black Bean Pudding: This indicates the preference of desserts amongst Thai locals. Desserts are usually consumed only after a gap of one hour from eating fruit.Tapioca black bean pudding has a salty coconut base which is healthy.

Tapioca black bean pudding

Grilled Coconut Hotcakes: Thai sweets and snacks can either be very sweet or not so sweet. They often have a salty component to balance the level of sweetness. Most Thai khanom are coconut based. Coconut is flexible in that it can be used in any form;shredded, cubed or whole.

Tropical Fruit Salad: This beautiful Thai fruit salad is like tasting paradise. It is a mixture of tropical and local fruit tossed together in a sweet coconut-lime fruit salad and dressed up to enhance the luscious taste of fresh fruit. Serve it in a pineapple boat and you are on a journey to heaven.

Rose Petal Salad: This is an absolutely unique and rich salad. This Thai salad snack is now making culinary waves across the globe. Chicken and shrimp together make up the protein content, while spring onion, cucumber and fresh herbs provide the greens.

thai Rose Petal Fruit Salad

When enjoying authentic Thai meals, do taste one of these popular snacks and share your thoughts with friends. Thai cuisine is well balanced with a perfect complementing ratio of vegetables and meats. Thai food boasts a great range of tastes from oily to sparsely oily dishes and flavors range from sweet, sour to spicy. Eat healthy Thai Food in the best Thai restaurants and benefit from the much talked about nourishing attributes.