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Top 5 North Thai Foods to Try In Thai Restaurants

Northern Thai cuisine is a pulse of Thailand, which produces a unique set of cuisines that lead in the Northern Regions of Thailand. Northern Thai dishes have originated from the ancient Kingdom of Lanna thus; they are also called Lanna Food. This type of food very rarely has received negative comments from visitors.

Northern Thai Food

Everyone loves the varied, often fiery, yet still in some way tantalizing and refined Thai dishes. One of the additional bonuses of Northern Thai cuisine is the strong regional culinary traditions. Here are the top 5 Northern Thai dishes or Lanna food that you should have on your table while eating out in the North Zone of Thailand.

  1. Khao Soi Curry

For visitors of North Thai Food, Khao Soi Curry is supposed to be the most popular dish and the most underrated of curries in Thailand. While one, on its visit to this region, tends to prepare a list of foods to enjoy, Khao Soi Curry remains on the top of the to-do list. It’s a mild coconut based curry that is served over soft egg noodles and topped with crisp egg noodles that make it more scrumptious. Optional ingredients which are used to perfect this dish are: the addition of lime, onion, chilli and pickled cabbage. One can find this dish throughout Northern Thailand’s restaurants and streets.

  1. Kaeng Khua

It’s a type of luscious Thai curry which is prepared with a larger amount of turmeric in the paste than normally. This is usually cooked with pineapple and prawns. The version is commonly called kaeng khua het fang (Thai: แกงคั่วเห็ดฟาง): with straw mushrooms.

  1. Kai Thot

The mentioned version of Kai Thot is made in a very special manner, having been marinated with the khamin (turmeric) and served on the dining table with some krueng thae (crispy fried chopped garlic and turmeric) as a topping that makes it look more lip-smacking.

Thanin market tod man pla

  1. Kaeng Cha-Om

The popular Northern Thai Curry with cha-om (the young leaves of the Acacia pennata) and dried fish is famous across Northern areas in Thailand. It is an Indian origin dish which is often cooked with chicken and potatoes. Alternatively, it could be cooked with other meats or seafood too.

Kaeng Cha-Om

  1. Kaeng Kari

Kaeng Kari is a Thai dish, which is widely popular in the West as “Thai Yellow Curry”. It’s also of Indian origin which is often made with chicken and potatoes. If you want to experiment then go ahead with other sorts of meats to try it in a different delectable taste.

Kaeng phet mu

So next time, when you are on your vacation to Thailand, especially in the North Zone, don’t forget to add these top 5 mouth – watering dishes in your order.

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