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Award-winning Thai Restaurant: The Royal Budha

Keeping up with technology in today’s world is always a challenge, especially those who are do not like to brave the status quo or take innovation in their stride.

The Royal Budha, the award winning restaurant –  Best Dining Thai RestaurantMiddle East and North Africa (MENA) 2013: The Royal Budha – Silver Award – currently rated as number 420 out of 5363 restaurants in Dubai by TripAdvisor believes in keeping up with innovation..

The Royal Budha is launching its e-menus, so guests can navigate the offerings of mouthwatering starters, entree and desserts at the table or whilst waiting at the Bar.

You will be able to navigate, select and order the dishes directly from the e-menu.

Remember there will still be the same level of interaction of our friendly staff  who will be versed with the learning of the unique specially designed features.

The e-menu will advise on  details  and ingredients of the delectable dishes  and have a video presentation of the chefs preparations.

Guest will be able to assess the level of spice each dish has and since all dishes are prepared to order, spices can be added to the guests preference.

Reviews are very important as it provides a learning in how to better our service and offerings. We look forward to your reviews on the E-Menu at the end of your visit, if you so wish. so that Tripadvisor can rate us.Of course we would love your images that you may take so we can post them on our specially designed album on instagram.

Just so that we  know, YOU our guests are comfortable with the new method of ordering of the menu, we invite your comments on our blog , tripadvisor , facebook page…

For every like, we will ask you to fill up your details and avail a 20% discount of the menu