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The Royal Budha, leading Thai restaurant in Dubai Al Barsha serves exceptional Thai cuisine with casual dining in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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The Royal Budha reviewed by She Said, She Said

So the plan was to drag work peeps to a particular restaurant (which I want to keep a secret until we actually make it out there). But guess what has two thumbs and forgot to make a reservation until two hours before planned dinner time, making it impossible to get a table? – this girl here! Given dinner was on everyone’s calendar anyway – we decided to improvise. After many suggestions over a group chat, The Royal Budha came up. A few people had been there before and said it should absolutely be a She Said try and further, they accept entertainer vouchers (score!!!).


Traffic getting to the Holiday Inn, Al Barsha at rush hour is quite the treat *insert sarcasm here* but where isn’t in Dubai at that time, right? There is parking right outside (not a huge lot, but still there) making it super convenient.


You will be served prawn crackers to your table once you are seated. Everyone at this table was starving and love prawn crackers. We had to ask for a second round.


For starters, we decided on spring rolls because they usually never disappoint. This place does spring-rolls right. The outside was crispy and the filling wasn’t too mushy.


We also got an order of  Chor Moung – purple flower chicken dumpling with fried onion, peanut and chili-soya sauce. These babies are actually purple as they are naturally dyed with butterfly pea flower blossoms. (What? Whoever thought of that wins a prize!)

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For mains we had two Massaman curries – one beef, one prawn. From what I heard, it tastes a lot better with beef. The curry itself was rich thanks to the peanuts.


Gaeng Panag Goong – a prawn panag. I can’t ever go to a Thai place and not order panag. I am so glad this was one of the mains that night because it was delicious.


Gai Phad Med Ma Moung – wok fried chicken with cashew nuts, bell peppers, chili paste and oyster sauce. While this was delicious, the only thing I would say is that it could have been a little spicier! (We ordered a medium spicy and so if you have a higher spice tolerance like I do, I would definitely take it a notch or two higher).

My pick was also my favorite – Goong Thod Kra Tiem Prik – wok fired prawn in black pepper and garlic sauce. Those prawns were so fresh and the sauce complemented the prawns so well. If you like garlic and black pepper as much as I do – this is a must try!


For dessert, we had my favourite – Khao Niew Ma Muang – sticky sweet steam rice with mango and coconut milk.


And an order of the Pandan Custard Bread. My first ever time trying this stuff and I can’t wait to go some place that serves it again. That bread was so soft and the custard was so light and so tasty. Anything custard is a winner in my book!

When we walked in, it was very quiet but by the time we were ready to leave, it was fairly full. And this was on a Wednesday. If you are looking to go, it might be a good idea to get a reservation, especially for a bigger group. Also, given this place is in a hotel, you can have a glass of wine if it pleases you so! A must try, this place!

LOCATION: Holiday Inn, Al Barsha 

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