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The Royal Budha, leading Thai restaurant in Dubai Al Barsha serves exceptional Thai cuisine with casual dining in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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The Award Winning “The Royal Budha”

We came to visit The Royal Budha sitting at the ground floor of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha.Dined and tasted their award winning Thai recipes and felt royal for few hours as we relish a gratifying meal freshly cooked for us by the chef.

Before entering the restaurant, we noticed the wall adorned with plaques and trophies received year after year including the most recent from TripAdvisor, A Certificate of Excellence – Winner for 2015.

Even before I can say my name, the staff who was manning the reception seemed to already recognize me, acknowledged our presence and lead us to a table for four.

A strong shot of ginger tea arrived on our table as a welcome drink to stimulate our appetite.

and a plate of crunchy prawn crackers was in place with sweet chili sauce on the side for dipping.

The Royal Budha has an extensive menu, each dish written in Siamese (Thai’s language) has an English translation so it wasn’t hard for us to choose.

We had two option for the soup. Ferald and I go for the very popular Tom Yam Goong – warm and spicy but comforting with four pieces of succulent tiger prawns.

The kids had wanton soup. Mica finished hers but my little Prince was way too sleepy and feeling a bit under the weather to join us for dinner.

Even the kid entertainer pack provided didn’t do the trick, he was excused and went to sleep using his dads lap as his pillow.

The restaurant wasn’t busy that night probably because it was a Sunday and the work week just started. There was just one long table occupied by a group who probably are work colleagues and there was another couple in another table having a quiet dinner.

It was not the case over the weekend and on most days when the hotel has a lot of Chinese guests according to Mr. Roberto Mempin – Restaurant Manager of The Royal Budha.

He said the place is always packed especially during their Dim Sum Fridays. With the price of AED 78 per person, you can have an unlimited Dim Sum fresh from the trolley with free flowing tea starting 12 noon to 12 midnight. Diners can also order ala carte if they wish to.

Although we couldn’t come on a Friday to try the unlimited dim sum which we would definitely try later on, Robert whom I met first time at The Amazing Taste of Thailand in Armani Ballroom Burj Khalifa ensured that we get to try all the dim sums available in the menu resulting in a Dim Sum overload. Twelve different types of soft and gooey dim sums all with very tasty filling were served on our table.

The next plate that arrived on our table was the Khong Wam Ruam Royal Budha, a beautiful platter of mixed appetizers (prawn cake, chicken satay, chicken fried dumpling, spicy papaya salad, and purple flower chicken dumpling).

This purple chicken dumpling won my heart and it imprinted on me, it reminds me of home so my drama was till we meet again soon.

Robert highly recommended Lab Ped Yhang – a roasted duck salad that my husband liked a lot. It is similar to the Filipino Sisig and it calls for some beer on the side. We didn’t order alcohol since he will be driving on the way home.

Hands up to Robert, he was very hands on.

I’ve tried it too but it was way too spicy for my liking. If you are like me, you can always request the to tone it down to mild,  or if you like it hot then to medium, spicy and very spicy.

Robert always brief us what’s on each dish and he unbelievably knows every dish by heart.

After the appetizer and all that dim sum, we also ordered some Jasmine tea to help digestion.

While waiting for the main course, I stood up and walk around a bit to take some photos.

I am glad that the open kitchen has a glass partition that contains the smell of the food being cooked and it doesn’t fill the restaurant. Most Thai dishes calls for the use of fish sauce which we know have a very pungent smell but of course can make it taste even better as well.




Back to the table, another feast was in place. Everything was cooked to perfection.

Let’s go through it one by one, shall we?

This one is Goong Pad Haw or wok fried prawn with water chestnuts and oyster sauce served in an edible taro basket. The succulent prawn and the crispy water chestnuts and cashew nuts create a medley of flavors in my mouth as I chew.

Phed Yang Sot Makam or roasted duck with spicy tamarind sauce.

Kana Nuean Nam Man Hoy or wok fried beef with Thai broccoli leaf. The beef was very tender and the broccoli was not overcooked.

Khao Phad Sapparot Goong or Thai pineapple fried rice with prawns and turmeric powder is the one with the prettiest presentation.

and last but not the least, my favorite Pad Thai.

We were literally stuffed but can’t leave without sticking our forks on their sticky mango rice.

My daughter has given her verdict and said this is by far the best sticky mango rice she have ever tasted, hubby and I couldn’t agree more. If not the best, definitely one of the best.

Before we bid goodbye, we ask to meet the people behind such immaculate dishes. They were actually a little shy to have their photos taken but we insisted.

We have no doubt why The Royal Budha is always chosen to be awarded year after year. Impeccable service, polite and informed wait staff, hands on and very humble restaurant manager, and last but not the least, the food was excellent.

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