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The Royal Budha, leading Thai restaurant in Dubai Al Barsha serves exceptional Thai cuisine with casual dining in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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The Royal Budha reviewed by Filipina Expat

Dim Sum Friday – The Royal Budha

I don’t know where am I hiding but I just recently stumbled upon The Royal Budha in Holiday Inn Al Barsha. This restaurant is consistently being recognized in Dubai dining scene and how come I’ve never been here before? Oh well, better late than never! And thanks to Instagram (Follow me! Handle name: filipina_expat), I learned about their Dim Sum Friday offer for just 78 dhs. Wow! It seems like a good value to me.

So we braved the sand stormy weather this morning and went straight to The Royal Budha after our visit at St. Mary’s Church. We arrived a few minutes early so what better way to wait than to snap some photos. 

He was asking me something but was mesmerized by his cuteness. Haha! My birthday is in a few weeks so I have to be nice and gain some points to receive a nice gift :)


Holiday Inn Al Barsha has bright and spacious lobby. I also love the Arabic interior design.



Having just coffee for breakfast, I was really starving and I think the angels have heard my stomach’s plea and called me to join them in food heaven. Choz! What a stolen shot. I think you can see my brain through my nose now :) By the way, I’m wearing one of my jewellery designs. Check my site on Etsy :)

I’m glad the restaurant opened at exactly 12 noon before I could have followed the light :)

A good sign…

Finding my inner piece together with the golden budha.

We were immediately seated and we told them that we’re having the Dimsum offer. I still asked for the menu for Cole and Biel. These are just some of the pages.



They have more dishes to offer including vegetarian meals. And this is what I and Gibson were looking forward to – the unlimited dim sums!!!

Cole’s order came first. He was torn between having the Wok Fried Prawn with Oyster sauce or the Roasted Duck. I told him to try the duck.

This is Roasted Duck with fried onion and tamarind spicy sauce. When Cole said that it’s the best duck he ever ate (he’s 10 yrs old), I had to taste it and I can see where he’s coming from. It was delicious! The dish was a little bit spicy, sweet, sour and just very tasty. A+.

Of course, plain rice for Cole. And it comes in this pretty little basket

The offer comes with unlimited iced tea. Their tea has a hint of ginger. It’s different but the fact that Cole liked it so much is a proof that it’s good. Both Gibson and I agree that this is one of the best tea flavours we had ever tried.

We were served first with clear chicken wanton soup with shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts. I could come to this restaurant and just order this. It’s so good I had 3 bowls, really.

And now for the main star, the reason why we’re here… The Dim Sums!!!!

Oh my goodness! I’m so confused what to eat first. The waitress introduced all the dishes but my ears were not functioning as I drool with what she was serving in front of us.


Siomai. We had 3 baskets. Enough said.

Barbeque Chicken Pao. Biel had 3 pieces.

This is also good but quite heavy so Gibson and I had only one each.

We continue eating and stopped counting on how many baskets we had.





After countless dim sums, bowl of soups and glasses of iced tea, we finally reached our limit. You can imagine we don’t have any space for desert. I just ordered a pot of hot tea to digest everything. I was surprised that it’s really fresh leaf tea and it tastes wonderful.

I can now confirm that the 78 dhs cost of this unlimited dim sum meal is really value for money!

Having tasted their roasted duck, we will definitely come back to The Royal Budha for their ala carte dishes. And you’ll get 20% off when you use your HSBC card if you order from the menu. Happy tummy! You can check their website for more info:

Enjoy the weekend guys:).


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