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The Royal Budha, leading Thai restaurant in Dubai Al Barsha serves exceptional Thai cuisine with casual dining in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

Home » Press » Songkran at The Royal Budha – 13 April 2011

Songkran at The Royal Budha – 13 April 2011

Known the world-over for its tradition of water-throwing and merry-making, the Thai New Year or Songkran’s true significance is that it is a time to mark a new beginning, as well as a time for reunions of families and friends. Holiday Inn Al Barsha played host to the Thai community on April 13, joining with them to celebrate Songkran at the Royal Budha restaurant.

During the specially laid out buffet dinner, guests not only enjoyed the widely recognized Tom Yam Kung (seafood soup), but also got to sample other Thai cuisine such as Som Tam Thai (Thai salad) and Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup).

The festival featured all the classic Thai soups and salads as well as some favourites such as Gaeng Kiaw Wan Gai (Thai green curry with chicken and eggplant), in which the chicken and eggplant are cooked with kaffir (lime leaves), nam pla (fish sauce), palm sugar, basil and chilli peppers.

The Royal Budha’s chef Sanya said that for the festival his team used fresh and best-loved ingredients. “Thai cuisine is well-known for having a longer hot and spicy flavour because they usually use lime juice, fresh coriander, lemon grass, galangal root and dried chilli,” he said.
Besides food, traditional Thai beverages such as Cha Dhra Khai (lemon grass ice tea) and Nam Ma Muang (mango syrup) were on offer. The celebrations were made even more special with traditional Thai entertainment, which completed the ambience of this joyful festival.