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The Royal Budha, leading Thai restaurant in Dubai Al Barsha serves exceptional Thai cuisine with casual dining in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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Ahlan review for The Royal Budha

Love your Thai food? Then you’re going to be in food heaven here

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It’s clear from the first sip of your complimentary ginger juice shot (an invigorating non-alcoholic palate cleanser), that The Royal Budha has thought of it all.

Upon entering the eaterie, you’re met by one of the many friendly waiters who leads you through the crimson and black lacquer dining room, with its traditional gold Budha statue and Far East décor all very reassuring Thai.

Once seated, you’re handed a rather extensive menu featuring traditional favourites of the pad thai, red curry and beef salad variety, as well as lesser known North- East Thai dishes such as spicy beef clear curry and chicken in banana leaves. Be safe or be daring, whichever route you choose, you’re sure to come out satisfied.

But like most Thai restaurants, it’s the appetisers that really help to get your appetite and excitement going. Opt for the chicken satay with coconut milk and peanut sauce for a taste bud-tantalising start to your meal, and complement that with the cooling rice paper wrapped shrimp and Thai herbs to really get your mouth watering.

From there, give your palate a wake-up call with the spicy tom yum goong, a prawn and lemongrass soup with enough kick to clear any sign of the sniffles. With the perfect blend of fragrant flavours and succulent prawns, The Royal Budha’s tom yum is a hefty contender to take its place among some of the world’s very best.

With appetisers and soups out of the way, you’re guided to the main courses. From a flavour-filled chicken and cashew in oyster sauce to the tongue-tingling beef with basil, chilli, soy and oyster sauce, it’s a fanfare of flavours you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And for the fish lover, the fish fillet with black pepper sauce is a must-try. Perfectly peppery and delightfully flaky, the dish proves a winner for any seafood fan.

If you manage to still save space after undoubtedly finishing every morsel of your mains, then dessert is a must. The sweet sticky rice with coconut milk and Thai mango literally bursts with refreshing flavours – the perfect foil for the spicy and flavourful meal. The combination of the semi-sweet rice, creamy coconut milk and sweet but tart mango will surely leave you with a new found love for Thai food.

INFO: Holiday Inn Al Barsha, 04 323 4333